Planning a Flight

  1. Get arrival/departure airport codes (e.g., PVD, IAD)
  2. Go to's Flight Planning Tool
    • Note: This tool is used for flight plans for small planes. The routes will probably vary. This will just give you an idea of how the route will look.
  3. Enter date, arrival airport, departure airport
  4. Scroll down to where it says "Recent Planned ATC Routes"
  5. For example: PUT BAF J77 SAX J6 LRP.HYPER2
  6. This list the NavAids, Fixes, and JetRoutes this flight plan uses
  7. Go to
  8. 3-letter codes ("PUT") are NavAids -- look up the lat/long using the Navaids tab
  9. >3-letter codes ("DOXXY") are Fixes -- look up the lat/long using the Airspace Fixes tab
  10. The sequence at the end (".HYPER2") is the landing code -- ignore it
  11. Anything starting with "J" ("J77", "J6") is a Jet Route -- ignore it
  12. Enter the lat/longs of your departure/arrival airports, navaids, and fixes into Google Earth
  13. This is very approximate, but but better than nothing
  14. You can check how the flight path looks by going to FltPlan's Quick Info Entry Tool

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