Rocks From Above: Geology From Airplanes

Window Seat + Rocks = Awesome.

Ever been on an airplane and flown over some weird-looking mountain and wondered how it formed? Or seen some river double back on itself and wondered how on Earth that happened?

Every plane flight we take it is an illustration of countless geologic processes. By learning how to identify what you're seeing, you can start to understand the geology of the areas over which you fly.

I'm devoting this blog to helping people identify and understand the geologic landforms they can see from airplanes. Below are just a few of the tools available: features sorted by what they look like (mountains, valleys, etc.), features sorted by name, and a guide for figuring out what you fly over before or after your flight.

Comments, suggestions, and questions are welcome!


"What Was That?"
Illustrated Geologic Glossary
How to Geo-Map a Flight
Ever fly over some strange landform & wish you new what it was? Check here! I've sorted most common geologic landforms by what they look like.

Already know the name of what you're looking for? Here are common geologic features, as seen from 35,000 feet - listed alphabetically.

Flying somewhere? Want to know what you'll be flying over? Check out this tool to help.